• ‘Chewse’ natural chewing gum for a cleaner planet

    by  • May 1, 2014 • Compassionate life, Organic brands, Vegan brands

    Once upon a time chewing gum was derived from natural organic sources such as tree resins and saps, a process which dates back to the Ancient Greek & Mayan civilisations.

    Today they are made primarily with synthetic petrol-based polymers (plastic for short) and pose a serious environmental threat worldwide.  Polymers from synthetic gums are known to bind very well to asphalt, and confuse wildlife that mistake the gum for food.

    Chicza organic chewing gum

    For the serial chewers out there, Chicza organic chewing gum is an excellent eco choice!  It contains all natural organic ingredients and is tasty, chewy and biodegradable.

    Chicza organic natural chewing gum

    Chicza organic natural chewing gum

    Chicza organic chewing gum is made with chicle, a natural biodegradable tree sap extracted sustainably using ancient practices from the Chicozapote trees native to Mexico. Some of the chicozapote trees live and produce gum for 300 years and they need the complex biological symphony of the rainforest around them to produce.

    Chicza chewing gum easily decomposes and will turn to dust within weeks and return to the soil, just like other organic material – it is in fact an excellent compost conditioner!

    The Consorcio Chiclero community is an environmentally conscious co-operative native to the area and sustainably manage 1.3 million hectares of rainforest where the Chicozapote tree is grown, to the benefit of nature, wildlife and their own livelihoods.

    Chicza natural chewing gum comes in delicious flavours and contains organic ingredients, is vegan, gluten & wheat free, fair trade, cruelty free and comes in recyclable packaging.  Check out the range at Biome Eco Store.