• What is a mason jar?

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    One mason jar; many names

    Whether you call them a mason jar, Ball Mason jar, preserving jars, or simply a jam jar; they can be a great addition to any kitchen. Now a classic, the mason jar has been around for over 100 years and has been making a big comeback recently. long cherished by crafty canners, more people are beginning to appreciate the glass mason jar for its range of versatile uses.

    Preserving and Canning

    Glass jar

    Mason jar

    The classic use for a Ball mason jar is for home preserving. The difference between a regular glass jar and a glass mason jar is in the lid. Mason lids come as two pieces – a metal ring that presses down on a disc shaped lid to ensure a tight, airtight seal within the preserving jam jar. If you are keen to try your hand at the art of preserving fruits in a mason jam jar, peruse the handy starter tips on the Gardening Australia site (including a delicious plum and blackberry jam recipe).

    Other Uses

    The Ball Mason jar renaissance is partly thanks to its many uses other than as a jam jar. With custom lids such as the reusable smoothie jar lid, the mason jar with handle is an excellent way to enjoy a green smoothie! The reusable design of the mason jar allows you to do away with disposable smoothie cups and make others jealous with your delicious drink on display. If you’re looking to take your reusable jar for a test run with a green smoothie, consider investing in The Green Smoothie Bible. Your body will definitely approve!

    Smoothie jar

    Mason jar with smoothie

    But the mason jar isn’t limited to smoothies and jams. A set of glass mason jars filled with your favourite cocktails or mocktails would be sure to get the conversation started at a dinner party. The mason jar is also a handy addition to the home pantry – thanks to the airtight seal. Store your beans, legumes, rice, or even utilise the airtight seal of the mason lid by taking a nutritious fruit salad with your work lunch.

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