• Safe drinking water for the home and outdoors

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    Finding a safe drinking water system that tastes great and is easy to manage can be difficult. Whether you need something for around the house or for outdoor adventures, often the available water filter products can be tricky to install, bulky or require constant charging and recharging.

    Home water filter bottle

    Gentoo water filter bottle

    Gentoo water jug

    For a home solution to safe drinking water the Gentoo water jug is simple enough to fill and forget. The Ecobud Gentoo Plus life water jug delivers fresh filtered alkalised water without the need for elaborate systems, lots of space or electricity, and comes with a filter replacement indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace the water filter. The BPA free Gentoo water jug eliminates chlorine, contaminants and bacteria, and up to 98% of fluoride. The ceramic water filter system means you will be sure to enjoy great tasting and  safe drinking water anywhere around the home!

    Camelbak All Clear water bottle

    Camelbak water filter bottle

    Camelbak filter bottle 

    The Camelbak All Clear bottle might just be the best way to get safe drinking water for the keen adventurer! With the ability to turn nearly any tap or clear water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds! By using proven UV technology the Camelbak filter bottle will effectively neutralise microbiological contaminants to U.S. EPA standards in barely enough time for the wayward trekker to catch their breath. The UV cap and LCD display are rechargeable from any USB source, and one charge allows enough power for a massive 80 cycles of water purification (60 litres)! Not only does the Camelbak filter bottle provide some seriously safe drinking water in no time, but it has been designed for tough weather conditions, and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

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