• Keep Cup Brew is here, a premium glass coffee cup

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    Keep Cup – from Australia with love

    For over five years Keep Cup have been reshaping the way people think about the reusable coffee cup. The success of the Keep Cup mission is shown by the many people worldwide who now picture the bright colours of their coffee cup as synonymous with the words “reusable coffee cup”. Cafés everywhere from London to Los Angeles proudly display and sell the Australian icon.

    Reusable Cups

    Keep Cup have always aimed their sites squarely at the disposable coffee cup, aiming to offer longevity and convenience, and mix good design with style to encourage the change to reusable cups. It’s no wonder that Biome is excited about the newest innovation announced by Keep Cup- the Keep Cup Brew!

    Glass Keep Cup

    8oz Keep Cup Brew – Pink

    A glass cup with style

    The glass cup is a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Hiding great technical solutions behind stylish design, the Keep Cup Brew comes with a new lid that improves both the seal and drinking experience. Placing a hard lid over a hard cup is no easy task, but the new coffee cup achieves this and more.

    Glass Keep Cup

    8oz Keep Cup Brew – Base

    With a few subtle  design changes, the Keep Cup Brew is bound to win over the coffee or tea enthusiast with refined taste. Keep Cup Brew is resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock – which just may save the clumsier coffee connoisseurs on one or two occasions. The lid has been redesigned with a greater nose clearance angle and improved splash proof seal, the band is beautiful to hold, and whether you choose tea or coffee to help you through the day, Keep Cup Brew will act as a window to your choice of beverage, telling all that choosing to reuse is the stylish option.

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