• Natural Beauty with Australian Native Botanicals

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    Natural beauty for your hair and skin

    One of the best things about a true natural beauty product is the scent. Nothing says natural origin ingredients quite like the moment you reward your hair with a natural shampoo or conditioner and you experience thoseĀ  fragrances of real, natural ingredients! The newest addition to the Biome Natural Beauty range is Australian Native Botanicals, and they definitely understand the how to reward your senses.

    Vegan shampoo

    Australian Native Botanicals shampoo

    The Australian Native Botanicals everyday natural shampoo and conditioner are the perfect example of this approach to natural beauty. With a blend of Australia nativeĀ  ingredients, like the citrus scents of desert lime and the sweetness of wild rosella, this gentle, sulphate-free salon quality hair care boasts an impressiveĀ  98.6% natural origin ingredients for the shampoo and 96.2% natural origin ingredients for the conditioner! The natural desert lime and wild rosella combination is boosted with native Australian botanicals and pure essential oils that delicately cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp, improve moisture levels and stablise pH for healthy hair. With scents this heavenly, it’s more of an everyday reward than an everyday shampoo and conditioner.

    vegan moisturiser

    Australian Native Botanicals moisturiser

    The Australian Native Botanicals sensory indulgence doesn’t stop there. The natural beauty range also includes natural shower gels and scrubs such as the moisturising shower gel with desert lime & lemon aspen, or the moisturising body lotion with kakadu plum & lilly pilly.

    More than just natural beauty products

    As their name suggests, Australian Native Botanicals have dedicated themselves to our native Australian flora and fauna. They are proudly animal cruelty free, are 100% vegan, all their products are made in Australia using sustainable, low carbon cold manufacturing technology, and their bottles are recyclable and treated with EcoPure, an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade at a faster rate if disposed into landfill.

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