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    Under the Nile: Plush, organic and good for the world!

    Finding a baby brand that truly cares for eco babies and kids can be tough. The toy market is dictated by a strong emphasis on cheap materials and toys that are meant to be trashed once your kid outgrows them. Under the Nile have been fighting this trend since 1998, and continue to get better and better at making toys for eco babies, eco families and the worldwide community.

    Eco Babies

    One of the best things about 100% GOTS certified organic fabric is the feel. The organic cotton is is handled with great care during the knitting/weaving process. The organic cotton is naturally whitened (no bleach), and no chemical finishings are used. Babies are particularly sensitive to Formaldehyde, so it’s great to find out Under the Nile are proudly Formaldehyde free!

    Under the Nile also helps to raise an eco baby with awareness of endangered animals, by forming bonds with cute and cuddly plush whales and polar bears; both of which are in danger of becoming prey to global warming effects on the Arctic circle.

    Eco Families

    Under the Nile believes the families that produce their product is just as important as those families that purchase them. All Under the Nile toys are made from Fairtrade certified (FLO) farms, and help to ensure fair wages above the cost of living for those involved in producing their toys.

    Eco Communities

    The organic agriculture behind every Under the Nile product uses less water, does not need expensive fertilisers and pesticides, helps protect air and water quality, and prevent soil erosion. By using no chemicals, communities are not exposed to hazardous carcinogenic chemicals.!

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