• An Edible Garden you can be proud of!

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    Start a little veggie patch today with The Little Veggie Patch Co.

    The edible garden should be everyone’s dream. Not only will a thriving veggie patch cause the grower to well up with pride but, if maintained correctly, the edible garden can save many dollars and hours. The time put in to a well-planned garden is returned to the grower- they can reduce the time spent at supermarkets, the time traveling to buy groceries, are sure to have something tasty on hand in the case of unexpected guests, and can improve the quality of both diets and soil!

    Australian Heirloom Seeds

    Say no to pesticides and imported veggies by starting your own little veggie patch today! Biome’s range of garden delights from The Little Veggie Patch Co come in delightfully nostalgic packaging – making them a lovely gift or simply a feel-good purchase for your own little vegetable garden. The Little Veggie Patch Co are a small Australian company whose passion it is to help others live a greener lifestyle and grow their own food.

    Tomato - yellow pear

    Tomato – yellow pear

    A Veggie Patch for Taste

    The range of heirloom seeds available from The Little Veggie Patch Co will bring flavour to nearly any meal. Possibly the easiest addition to any veggie patch, chives can improve more than the traditional baked potato. Chives add a sweet zing to dips and pestos, such as this recipe from the BBC Good Food blog. For something that will add colour to your little veggie patch and to your dinner plate, think about adding the yellow pear tomato to your edible garden. This tomato loves to be grown after a pea or bean crop, particularly in a sunny position with well-drained soil.

    Stuck on what to plant?

    The Little Veggie Patch Co have compiled their knowledge into a great, fact-filled read that will set your garden in the right direction. Or consult each product on our site for specific planting advice and times. Each of The Little Veggie Patch Co heirloom seeds have been categorised into zones for easy-to-follow planting guides.

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