• Fair-trade Fashion with Tightology and Solmate

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    Which Fair-Trade Fashion fits your style best?

    The best outfits start with a strong foundation; a piece in the ensemble that defines one’s style, that pulls the fashion into a unifying whole. At Biome, we’re no strangers to setting the foundations for a winning outfit by utilising ethical and fair-trade fashion.

    Ethical Fashion Choices

    While the legware stylings of Tightology and Solmate may be at opposite ends of the colour-palette spectrum, both companies have much in common. Both Tightology and Solmate are built on providing quality, ethical fashion that will be the centrepiece of any outfit. Solmate Socks is committed to protecting the environment, and makes their socks from 100% recycled cotton, saved and spun from fabrics that were destined for landfill. Tightology focus on natural fibres and sustainably sourced materials, and operate through fair-trade practices. These two companies with hearts spun from golden thread leave you, the ethically fashionable (or fashionably ethical) with only one quandary; which is your style?

    Solmate Socks

    Marianne from Solmate, a.k.a. “The Socklady“, turned a sock knitting hobby into Solmate in 2000, and has stayed true to her original lovingly-mismatched style ever since! The abundance of warm hues and intricate patterns make for attention-grabbing socks, which Solmate have now adapted for scarves and mittens.

    Solmate Carnation Socks

    Solmate Carnation Socks


    Tightology fuse intriguing detail with unique colours and bold patterns to grab the eye of passers-by, but often restrict their tights to relatively few colours, balancing out the strong almost art-deco patterns. Their focus on natural fibres make for more comfortable feeling tights. Proudly an Australian company since beginning in 2009, Tightology are a treasured essential in every wardrobe.

    Tightology Harlequin tights (emerald)

    Tightology Harlequin tights (emerald)

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