• Easy homemade plant food

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    Create your own homemade plant food with this nifty little stainless steel organic plant food maker.  With this bucket you can source or grow your own nettle or comfrey and brew a ‘tea’ packed full of nutrients that will see your plants thrive.

    This organic plant food maker is made of high quality stainless steel with an inbuilt infuser to easily brew plant matter into a natural, homemade plant fertiliser. Each kit includes a stainless steel bucket with lid and removeable infuser.

    Simply pack the central infuser with chopped comfrey or nettle, fill the outer chamber with water and leave it to brew.  Once brewed the solution can be diluted and fed to your plants, and the spent plant matter can be added to the compost heap.  Full instructions are included.

    what plants to use:

    Comfrey and nettle are abundantly growing plants that can be steeped in water to make a highly nutritious plant food. Comfrey has a very deep root system which particularly effective at soaking up nutrients – these are stored in the leaves and then released into the water.

    Comfrey plant food is rich in potassium, making it especially good for tomatoes, potatoes, beans and flowers. Nettles make a good general purpose nitrogen-rich fertiliser ideal for encouraging leafy growth.

    You can also include your compost tea in a variety of recipes

    For more tips and information about composting visit the Clean Up Australia website