• Long lasting fun for the school holidays with Finska

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    It seems like that special time of year is forever just around the corner. And when it arrives, it’s over far too quickly. That’s right, we’re talking about the much loved school holidays! And with school holidays taking up such a large part of a child’s year, it’s no surprise that some will find themselves sitting on the couch complaining about how “there’s nothing to do”. For many Australian parents, console games can cost an arm and a leg, and have relatively little replay value. On the other hand, many outdoor games are either too age specific, or won’t stand the test of time with breakable or easily lost pieces. Some big toy manufacturers are either using plastics containing BPA, or sell games destined for the back of the cupboard.

    Finnish fun, Australian style

    Two Australian dads, decided to offer a great alternative to the outdoor games that will barely last the whole school holidays. Going by the name “Planet Finska”, they have brought the classic outdoor game of “finska” or “mölkky” to all Australians between ages 7 to 107. The Finska lads are so certain of the game’s long-lasting fun that they have designed it to last for generations. The pins, throwing log & carry crate are made from sustainable birch wood, the scorecard is water resistant and reusable, and the outdoor game’s reputation for addictive fun is well known. The mix of skill and chance ensure every Finska player is in with the opportunity to win.

    Finska wooden game

    Finska wooden tossing game.

    Not only is Finska made from sustainable materials, and designed to last longer than most other outdoor games, but the game is educational in a way so subtle that is almost sneaky. Not only is Finska a necessity for picnics, barbecues and beach trips, but many schools have jumped on board thanks to the fun approach that combines hand-eye coordination with addition, subtraction, and the opportunities to play with more complicated mathematical rules. The chance to add a little learning into school holidays fun is hard for any good parent to pass up, especially in an outdoor setting.

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