• A coffee cup that cares

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    Appearances can mean a whole lot to people. Especially so when it comes to coffee. One glance at the foam or crema on top of your coffee cup can tell you much about the coffee waiting below.

    JOCO coffee cup - black

    JOCO coffee cup – black















    Designed to care

    Just a short jump away from the coffee loving hub of Melbourne Australia, the people at JOCO don’t mess around with something as important as coffee. Having designed a coffee cup that cares, ¬†and refusing to compromise on taste or the environment, the JOCO coffee cup comes with the added benefit of allowing coffee drinkers to show off what’s inside their coffee cup. This is the kind of simple, yet brilliant, design idea that permeates every element of the JOCO cups’ design. The coffee cup is made from borosilicate glass – BPA free, longer lasting, and won’t affect the taste of your coffee! The silicone lid is designed to be “no splash” and nose stain-proof – again caring for you, the coffee drinker. The people at JOCO even care so much, they even designed the coffee cup packaging to double as a handy container once you’ve got your cup.

    "no splash" and nose stain-proof cup

    “No splash” and nose stain-proof cup

    A cup for everyone

    Don’t worry if coffee is not your thing. Tea lovers can also rejoice in the JOCO glass cup, as the cup gives you countless new angles to admire the swirls of tea infusing inside the cup. The cup is microwave safe, so hot chocolates can be made as milky as you like. As the glass cup doesn’t retain flavour, switching between drinks is A-OK.

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    Help to stop the estimated 1 billion paper cups being wasted every year by investing in a coffee cup that will outlast and out-style the rest!