• Safe Natural Insect Repellent for Summer

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    As we begin to emerge from our winter cocoons and start thinking about warm sunshine and getting outdoors, unfortunately so too are the mosquitoes and insects!  Nothing makes a camping trip or barbeque more uncomfortable than an onslaught of mozzies,  so we reach for the mosquito repellent spray or light a coil to keep them at bay.

    But how safe are these mosquito repellent sprays and coils for us to use?  Common mosquito repellents are loaded with harmful chemicals and pesticides like DEET which are designed to kill the mosquito or insect by poisoning them.  They are powerful neurotoxins that can do to you exactly what they do to the insect, just on a smaller scale.  Plus these toxins aren’t limited to harming mosquito’s and humans, all kinds of good insects and bugs are affected by mosquito repellent sprays and coils.

    Thankfully there are many safe and natural mosquito insect repellents available that will not harm you or the insects trying to bite you.  Natural insect repellents and natural mosquito repellents are made from essential oils such as tea tree, citronella, eucalyptus, neem and lemongrass.  These essential oils have natural insect repellent properties that can be applied as a spray or balm or emitted into the air as a candle or in an oil burner.  They are much safer to use, will deter insects rather than harm them and as a bonus they smell absolutely beautiful.

    At Biome Eco Stores we stock a wide range of natural mosquito repellent and natural insect repellent options ranging from topical natural insect repellent sprays, safe mosquito repellent balms to beautiful natural mosquito nets for the bedroom.  Here are a few of our favourites:

    Lemon Myrtle Natural Spray $15.95    Portable Sandalwood Diffuser  $25.00   King Size Mosquito Net Canopy $170.00

    Lemon Myrtle Natural Spray $15.95, Portable Sandalwood Diffuser $25.00, King Size Mosquito Net Canopy $170.00

    Para’Kito Mosquito Protection

    Our newest addition to our natural insect repellent range is the  Para’Kito mosquito protection bands and keychains. They are worn on the ankle, wrist, or kept nearby and provide natural mosquito repellent protection for 15 consecutive days via a replaceable pellet infused with essential oils.  One size fits all, available in a wide range of colours and designs.

    Para'Kito Mosquito Protection Band Fuschia $24.95, Para'Kito Mosquito Protection Band Green Zebra $24.95, Para'Kito Mosquito Protection Keychain Orang $24.95

    Para’Kito Mosquito Protection Band Fuschia $24.95, Para’Kito Mosquito Protection Band Green Zebra $24.95, Para’Kito Mosquito Protection Keychain Orang $24.95


    The Para’Kito Mosquito Protection products are perfect for those with skin sensitivites or allergies and cannot use a natural insect repellent directly on their skin.