• Green baking and eco cooking

    by  • June 27, 2013 • Green catering, If You Care, Lunch boxes, Waste free life

    Whether you are cutting back on packaging and storage materials with eco cooking by purchasing bulk, raw foods, or sourcing seasonal ingredients for your kitchen from local producers, green baking is becoming easier to achieve.  Some enthusiastic eco cooks choose to lower their energy consumption in the kitchen by finding cookers that use less energy, such as pressure cookers, thermal cooking pots, or even solar stoves!


    Any step towards a green baking kitchen is a step in the right direction. One way to create green baking treats is to swap your wasteful kitchen products with ones that have been designed to minimise environmental impact. Our range of  If You Care eco cooking products are designed with materials free from chlorine, bleaches and paraffin waxes and are either recyclable, reusable or compostable.


    Why not try out some of the If You Care green baking range by creating some tantalisingly tasty Steamed chocolate raspberry mudcakes?

    The If You Care large baking cups come in packs of 60, so you will have no problems baking enough treats for all your family and friends. But don’t worry if you can’t finish them all in one sitting.


    If you care baking cups available in mini, large and jumbo, $2.50-$2.95

    The If You Care aluminium foil makes storing your leftovers an environmentally friendly option.

    If You Care recycled aluminium foil 10m $4.95

    If You Care recycled aluminium foil 10m $4.95

    Or make use of some snack bags and share your green baking around at lunch time.

    If You Care paper sandwich and snack bags $5.50

    If You Care paper sandwich and snack bags $5.50

    However you choose to master the art of eco cooking, be sure to enjoy the journey and treat yourself to tasty rewards.